Saturday, 12 March 2016

More web work

This week I have been doing more work on transferring content between my website and the BCPS website. I have also done a little work in building my new site, but I changed priorities a couple of days ago when I received news that the Sheffield Chess Congress will be going ahead this year. This came after a period of several weeks in which it looked like the Congress was in danger, not for venue or money reasons, but because nobody seemed willing to step up and take the place of Steve Mann, who has wished to retire for some years from his position of overall organiser. The new supremo is Phill Beckett and he has started energetically. As the webmaster and entry secretary to the Congress I had a website to update. Not only did I update it, but I took the opportunity to convert it to jQuery and Bootstrap. The work is not quite finished yet, but will be I hope over the next week or so. You can see the result here.

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